What is Entrepreneur Clinic?

What is Entrepreneur Clinic? February 23, 2019Leave a comment

Entrepreneurs always need help to figure out some areas from time to time. The ability to reach out to an entity which can offer help can take a lot of the pain off. This and more is what entrepreneur clinics offer.

Women Entrepreneur ClinicWomen entrepreneurs especially tend to have major challenges when it comes to connecting work and life, when it comes to basically achieving a work-life balance. The pressure is usually on women entrepreneurs to do everything; have an amazing career, have a great home, raise good and upright children, and still achieve success in all these ramifications.

Entrepreneur Clinic is a groundbreaking all round solution for women in business especially in the UAE. The concept was also designed with the global business terrain in mind, and it is basically designed for women in a bid to help them combine all their efforts in an effective way which will eventually reflect in every area of their lives.

Entrepreneur clinic by Dr Hanan Selim offers an all-round support to entrepreneurs in all aspects of their lives and businesses.

Some of the major ways entrepreneur clinic is useful and makes a difference are listed below:

  1. The secrets of healthy success can be learnt when challenges faced by women entrepreneurs are understood better. Once success is achieved, a structure can be determined which will enable one easily replicate the success in some other areas.
  2. Reliable peak performance can be achieved all the time. There are 4 simple strategies that requires focus which always lead to success
  3. Procrastination can be a major deterrent when it comes to actually achieving success. The discussions in the entrepreneur clinic will lead an entrepreneur through the process of understanding why we procrastinate and what can be done to avoid that going forward.
  4. Understand that while it is good to focus on one’s strengths and workable strategies, those alone will no longer cut it in today’s business world. A healthy streak of competitive advantages are also needed.
  5. Women entrepreneurs are most times subjected to a lot of stress in their businesses and largely because most of them juggle running a business with raising a family. With entrepreneurs clinic, you can easily figure out what is healthy lifestyle, how to overcome these pesky issues, realize the importance of preventive healthcare, and at the same time ensure optimal performance.
  6. Entrepreneurs deal a lot with goal setting and the pressure which comes with trying to achieve these goals. However, there are techniques which teaches on how to generate and maintain a flow state that ensures you meet your goals consistently.
  7. Power and focus has a lot of impact on how creative one is and the level of innovation one is able to exhibit. There is a difference between power and focus and the way one is able to use one or both of them will make a lot of difference eventually.
  8. This is one powerful workshop that will ensure you achieve all your life and business goals in this year. The overall success or failure which you might experience will all hinge on this one thing.

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