Feature in Haya Magazine

HAYA magazine’s interview with Healthpreneur, author and speaker Dr. Hanan Selim   What do you think about the Health Innovation Month announced by Sheikh Mohamed Al Maktoum? Why do you think that such initiative is important in this region? I think the health innovation month is a fantastic initiative because the advancement of technology and […]

Feature in Alkhaleej

A feature article of Dr Hanan Selim was published in AlKhaleej. Here is an excerpt: دبي: زكية كردي الرحلة إلى استعادة الرشاقة والجمال والصحة ليست دوماً طريقاً واضح المعالم، فالوصفات التي تنجح مع البعض لا تنجح بالضرورة مع الجميع، خاصة إذا كانت هذه الرحلة محفوفة بالكثير من إشارات الخطر كما في تجربة د. حنان سليم، […]

Interview in Pulse 95

Life Beats with Sally Mousa presents an Interview with Dr Hanan Selim on Radio 95.   <<<Listen to the FULL interview here >>>

Article in Gheir website

An article by Dr Hanan Selim was published in Gheir website. Here is an excerpt تخلصت من 30 كلغ في 10 شهور، ضاعفت قدراتها الذهنية وطاقتها وأداءها على مختلف المستويات في قلب محنة صحّية ظللها شبح الإصابة بالسرطان، لتتحوّل بعدها إلى مدرّبة تحويل العادات الحياتية والوقاية من الأمراض، ومتحدثة عالمية، تلهم الآلاف لتحويل مسار حياتهم […]

Intermittent Fasting and How it Can Help You

Dr Hanan Selim’s article was featured in Health Magazine Here is an excerpt: “Knowledge empowers you to make the right lifestyle strategies that skyrockets your health and vitality, which in turn helps you live longer. A fascinating research project called the Blue Zone’s group that went around the world interviewing people that lived to be […]

What Having a Healthy Gut Really Means

Dr Hanan’s article was published in health magazine on 11 March 2018   Here is an overview from the magazine   An amazing hack is maintaining a healthy gut. Gut health is the most important measure in preventing disease and highest micronutrient absorption because if the digestive system gets compromised from stress and other toxins, […]