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“The Healology is the natural antidote that brought my heath back and made me understand the importance of preventive healthcare. I struggled getting my diseases like obesity, diabetes, precancerous cells in my ovaries and endometriosis to leave. Each time I used the conventional medicine protocols I was trained in, my cancer indicators got worst (levels went from 50 to 700 in 3 months) or when I started implementing alternative methods like mindfulness, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), hypnotherapy and energy healing, results were very slow . I failed repeatedly! Depressed. No improvements! Nothing!

Then it occurred to me that maybe it had nothing to do with the protocols alone or the alternative methods alone. But working from the inside-out and not the outside-in. Meaning solving the root cause (inner conflict theme) then using natural resources from outside like lifestyle prescriptions. After testing and measuring on the best testing ground… my own life. I combined the best of the conventional and alternative natural resources that I now call the rapid power hacks (RPH). Then adding, natural and booster shots from nature’s finest plant oil, extracted from the best quality plant berries. These natural oils are 100% pure, 100% natural, virgin, and cold-pressed.

RPH Method Pro and Healthy solution oils give you a painless scope of actionable insight to listen to your health conditions. Now, two-thirds of my clients have read my book “Second Chances” and have doubled their recovery from my Healology program because the combined tools (RPH Method and healthy solution oils) are real and honest. I totally love Healology, and keep using it so that I continue serving beautiful souls that need my special gift, which happens to be my combined Healology system!

Remember: your innate resource on the inside is the key to perfect health that cuts through the conventional protocol noise and connects from the the heart. And that’s the key to healing anything.

Pure Essential oils

Essential oils are natural extracts from plants – flowers, stems, roots, fruits, etc. widely used for immense health, beauty, and emotional benefits. Healthy Solution therapeutic grade Essential Oils are 100% Pure & Natural. Our oils are free from chemicals, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, colors and other additives.

Quality control

Healthy Solution essential oils undergo comprehensive testing as part of our Quality Control program. Finished products are tested on a routine basis with eco-friendly and animal cruelty free beliefs and values.
In addition to all this, we actually test every ingredient that goes into our recipes, as part of our product development process, and our finished products are verified and documented for efficacy as part of Healthy solution standard.

Customer Service

The success of any business is contingent on the ability to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Whether at the Healology and RPH Method Pro Conference & Trainings or healthy solutions essential oils, we are proud of our strong commitment to our clients’ transformation to fast recovery.

We recognize that the delivery of exemplary holistic health service is dependent on a group of caring team members who share common goals and a true spirit to serve others.

Those goals and service spirit are expressed in “Healthy solution’s Big Three,” which lies at the heart of Healthy solution’s Mission Statement:

Healthy solution’s BIG THREE

Holistic Heal to Health naturally using your innate powers to scientifically demonstrate aggressive healing using natural and organic therapeutic grade essential oils into green prescriptions formulated by Dr. Hanan Selim, a 25-year veteran in clinical pharmacy but without drugs or pills but a completely natural holistic approach.
A clean, natural, safe product and service where everything comes together to work for your health’s sake.

What Are Essential Oils For?

Targeted essential oil implant recipes support healing from hemorrhoids, constipation, candida overgrowth, and other colon-related ailments, and more broadly support a healthy colonic mucosa. An essential oil suppository is plant medicine delivered into the vagina or rectum, where it melts and is absorbed into the bloodstream. Healthy Solution suppositories offer healing plant compounds both systemically and locally. Essential oils are transporters of fundamental nutrients necessary to feed and nurture all the cells of the body, especially the affected organ and symptoms.

Essential Oil Blends:

Therapeutic-grade essential oils may be superior to other supplements because they contain the life source of the plant and the highest healing frequency and have no additives or fillers like most supplements do. Essential oils are effective because their nutrients are readily assimilated on a cellular level. When properly processed, therapeutic-grade essential oils are safe to drink, apply to the skin, or use with colon hydrotherapy and rectal implants. The efficacy and harmony of the oils is of the utmost importance when developing an essential oil blend. Healthy solution Oils’ years of rigorous research combined with extensive lab testing and farming expertise means every essential oil blend contains complementary constituents that deliver the expected therapeutic results.


We strongly advise you to consult with your medical doctor or a knowledgeable health practitioner before using any essential oils internally. While all oils and oil blends sold by Optimal Health Network are certified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA with very few reports of ill effects, working with a healthcare professional is highly recommended to ensure a safe and optimal program for your individual body.

When planning to introduce a new essential oil into your healthcare program, test one drop on a small patch of skin first (e.g., on the underside of the forearm). Sensitivity to particular essential oils is highly individual. If the skin feels hot or turns red, this indicates sensitivity, and this essential oil or blend should NOT be used in your healthcare program. Apply a vegetable oil (e.g., olive or almond) to the area, which will dilute the essential oil. Washing with water is less effective.


Apply only one new essential oil or blend at a time to the patch of skin to determine how your body responds. Wait 30 minutes before testing another new essential oil.

DO NOT attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe any natural substances for health conditions that require professional attention. Consult your healthcare professional about any serious disease, medical condition, or injury, or if you are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant.

DO NOT use wild tansy, clary sage, sage, fennel, wintergreen, or hyssop essential oils during pregnancy.


Here are details about few of the essential oils used in my program:

CategoryOilsIngestionEmotional benefitsPhysical benefitsBeauty BenefitsOthers
Carrier oilSea Buckthorn Berry OilYesBoosts immune system, Helps reduce toxicity, Powerful anti-inflammatory properties, Psoriasis, Eczema, Reduces brain decline with ageing (Alzheimer’s, dementia), helps in stomach and intestinal ailments, regulates hormones, Helps in diabetes type 2 treatmentAnti-ageing
Carrier oilBlack Cumin Seed OilYesVery strong anti-oxidant, Known to help with neurogenic diseases e.g., dementia, parkinsons, alzhiemers, Anti-cancer, Anti-fungal, Anti-viral, Known to act against anti-biotic resistant bacteria, Helps prevent diabetes, good for diabetes type 1 prevention, Eczema, Known to act against the MRSA virus, Can help with make infertilityPrevents hair-loss
Carrier oilTamanu OilYesAnti-tumor agent, Anti-cancer, Diabetes, Anti-inflammatory, Accelerates wound healing, Believed to be anti-HIV, Psoriasis, EczemaReduces scars, blemishes, stretch marks

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