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Feature in Haya Magazine March 24, 201910 Comments

HAYA magazine’s interview with Healthpreneur, author and speaker Dr. Hanan Selim


  1. What do you think about the Health Innovation Month announced by Sheikh Mohamed Al Maktoum? Why do you think that such initiative is important in this region?

I think the health innovation month is a fantastic initiative because the advancement of technology and the available resources we have now, anything is possible. I really loved the initiatives that was a big interest of mind because it aligns with my work and RPH system that included the Dubai Genome initiative, which aimed to map the genomes of an entire population (including residents), and use artificial intelligence to analyze genetic data, to change the face of medical care through personalized medicine and prior detection of individuals at risk. It’s important in the region because of the high number of Diabetes and obesity that is affecting not only adults but our children as well.

  1. At 7 years old, you wanted to become a clinical pharmacist. Did you reach you ambitions and dreams after more than 25 years of experience or are there more things to achieve?

I reached most of my goals in healthcare from working with leading international companies in the healthcare industry to owning a few pharmacies of my own in the U.S. and Middle East. I’ve learned so much over the 25 years. After my own journey of health distress and becoming the patient instead of the health care giver. I realized that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Now, I’ve realized my real passion to help transform people’s lives on the inside and outside.

  1. You’re the creator of RPH Method (Rapid Power Hacks). Tell us more about it.

After going through the pain and suffering of my own health deterioration and trying to use my 25 years of healthcare that didn’t help me reverse my conditions as fast and easily as I imagined. I then decided to give alternative methods a try and going as far as becoming master level practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), mindfulness therapy and so on . I felt better and started to gain back my confidence and self-esteem, but nothing changed the numbers on my lab reports. As a matter of fact, my cancer indicators went from 50 to 700 in a very short time. That’s when I decided to combine the best of both conventional medicine and alternative methods. That’s when my results sky rocketed, and I lost 30 kg in 10 months and now I have a clean bill of health. I even saved my marriage, finances and career and business. I realized through my research that I can replicate the same for others and put everything I did for myself into a 4-pillar system of “health and mind hacks” to optimize health and mindset which is the foundation of change for every area in your life. In order to change your behavior, you need to change your thinking then your feelings, emotions all the foundational level of change and that’s physiology.

  1. You are writing about a new way to look at healthcare called preventative and habit transformation. What do you mean by that? My system is backed up by a science called Epigenetics. That simply states it’s not your genes that you inherit that predisposes you to disease rather it’s your habits. In conventional healthcare the approach is to treat the symptoms not the root cause. For example, If you pain you’re given pain killers and so on. The RPH system takes a step back before the symptoms and gets to the root cause. It’s a customized approach to working with you on your own terms and personality. The diseases of the 21st century don’t happen overnight. For example, a research group called the environmental working group in the U.S. tested the blood in the Umbilical cord that goes directly to the fetus and they found an average of 287 toxins and over 180 of them were carcinogenic. And Other diseases like diabetes that we all know starts 10 years before diagnosis as pre-diabetes and cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s has shown through research that they start sometimes 30 to 40 years before diagnosis. So, it’s more important now more than ever to address these issues as preventative than try to reverse these diseases the rest of your life.


  1. You’re part of a cutting-edge research that showed that “Only 3-5% of our genes predisposes us to disease and we control our destiny by the decisions we make by the environment we surround ourselves with psychologically and physically”. What are the habits we can change and the habits we can follow to prevent ourselves from diseases?


Procrastination is the worst habit to human kind. You need to take action daily in the direction of your goal of health and peak performance. Usually, We get so busy with many things and we let go of our health on the sideline until we develop the symptoms and you’re diagnosed with a disease. We all know what is good and bad for us, but we pretend not to know and choose the easier and less healthier options. Exercise is a very good example of a good core habit. A core habit is one that not influences your health, but it effects your relationships, finances and career or business. Because when you exercise there’s more oxygen going to the brain that affects they way you think and make decisions that in turn affects how you feel about yourself and others and you actually care more about your finances when your self-worth goes up and you want to take care of every area in your life. With the advancement in technology, you no longer need to go to the Gym to exercise. As a matter of fact, research has shown that 8-10 minutes of high intensity exercise is just as effective as 1 hour in the Gym.

  1. How did healthcare change throughout the years, and how do you think will it become in the future? With technology, especially the big three, GNR…Genetics, Nanotechnology and Robotics. They are expecting the life expectancy to double by the year 2030. Technology is moving so fast and there’s no way in slowing it down. As John Silva, a philosopher and futurist, He says. Technology is like the earth rotating on its axis. It’s going so fast without slowing down. So, due to GNR healthcare healthcare will be very different and more innovations will happen to save lives. Hence, why they expect life expectancy to double.


  1. In March 2018, you’re launching your book “Second Chances….From Poor Health to Peak Performance using the RPH method”. Who are you targeting with it, i.e. who will be interested in buying and reading it? I’ve been told by my mentor…That my book is speaking to my past self from 5-8 years on taking these necessary steps to get to where I am today. So, my target audience are the ones going through their own storm of pain and suffering with their health that is affecting their relationships, finances and career or business due to decline in focus, fat loss and flow due to their physiological issues on the inside that’s affecting their reality on the outside.


***Name changed to Second Chances….From poor health to peak performance using the  RPH method


  1. What are the mentalities that this book will be changing? I call them emotional toxicities. These are the negative imprint we acquired from childhood that has become the story of who we think we are. This system works well with the way the mind operates. The mind likes the familiar and pleasure. It also dislikes the unfamiliar and stays away from pain. The minds job is to protect you from any harm or danger so it’s always operating in fear from pain. So, anything that triggers any emotional pain from the past even if it was real or not. The mind will stop you in your tracks, So half the battle is the self-mind chatter that reminds you of the story that may or may not be true. Limiting your growth and full potential.


  1. Do you respect the health rules in your family or do you fail to abide by them sometimes? I inherited my health rules or as I like to call them the “habits”. I was fortunate to grow up in a healthy environment in my family. After my father’s passing that all changed. I lost my zest for life and this was a big part of my inner conflict that resulted in my letting my health slip away and everything I ever worked hard for and cared about slip away as well. This time of my life was the worst and best time. Worst because of the pain and suffering I experienced but the best because I found my true passion and that is to be of service to others and help them have their second chances at a beautiful life.


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