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12 Common Questions (FAQs) about Healology

We’ve had a lot of questions coming from people who are interested in using Healology for fat loss. Though the answers are around the site, in comments, and some are in articles or blogs, we felt it was a good idea to bring them all together in one place, so it was easy to find answers to the questions you have. If you have a question that’s not covered here, please mention it in the comments below!

How do you use the Healology system?

This is recommended by Dr. Hanan Selim that is a combination of the RPH (Rapid Power Hacks) Method and therapeutic grade essential oils. Though I think some people are using it separate to first heal the root cause with the RPH Method, they work best together (Healology). This doesn’t mean you have to start with the therapeutic grade essential oils though. The basic principles of the RPH Method are the foundation, and the option of taking the therapeutic grade essential oils is just like the option of taking essential micronutrients from food or supplements daily or three times a week, though I know what I’d rather do! Use both powerful products together (Healology) to get the full therapeutic results.

What are the ingredients of the therapeutic grade essential oils?

The ingredients in the Healthy Solutions therapeutic grade essential oils work together, and they all work on how the body stores fat, uses fat for energy, and depletes the fat cells as they are used up. Healthy Solutions Essential oils are natural extracts from plants – flowers, stems, roots, fruits, etc. widely used for immense health, beauty, and emotional benefits. Healthy Solutions Essential Oils are 100% Pure & Natural. Our oils are free from chemicals, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, colors and other additives.

Before or after meals?

This has been asked enough times that it’s obviously an important question. The answer here is – a half hour before meals. However, dosage and method of use will be explicitly mentioned. Each Healthy Solutions essential oils have their respective therapeutic use, dosage and method of use.

Why before meals?

The active ingredients in Healthy Solutions essential oils have a fast acting effect on the body, and for this reason, it is ideal to have them working when a meal is being digested, and its energy is coming into the body.

Which days of the week to take off using the essential oils?

This answer is more of a reverse answer. The 2 days that you don’t want to take the oils is your off days. Other than that, whatever works best for you. I generally take the weekend off from using the oils.

Why take off two days a week?

The ingredients in the Healthy solutions essential oils have a variety of effects on the body, and on fat storage and depletion. There are some accumulation of the oils that allow changes to occur in the body due to this, and for this reason, it is advisable to give the body a break each week for the body to release any residual amount and to reset.

Why take a week off?

With the effects of Healthy Solutions essential oils changing a range of chemicals and systems in the body, much like a range of other supplements suggest cycling and having some time off regularly, Dr. Hanan recommends having 1 week off per 8-week cycle. This helps the body get back to normal, and helps the next cycle of Healthy solutions essential oils continue working effectively.

Does it help with muscle gains?

We have had a couple of questions about whether Healthy Solutions Essential oils helps with muscle building. The answer here is that it’s not specifically designed to help muscle gains. Generally, most people doing muscle building routines are taking other supplements like Creatine, protein powder, and in some cases other supplements.

Why use an all in one suppository?

The prospect of keeping track of around 5 or 6 essential oils every day isn’t very appealing, and so Dr. Hanan went compounding (clinical specialty) the special formula oils into suppositories that allows the small tiny veins in the rectal and vaginal area to quickly absorb the oils faster than oral consumption and even faster than injection. She found a few different formulas in one for the respective condition, and wanted to go with the suppository for faster results. It’s pretty easy even when we have busy schedules to use the one suppository at bedtime (most effective during regeneration of cells and tissue for the absorptions of oils during sleep and no leakage while sleep) and have them working when we sleep.

The other great thing is knowing it’s the exact dose that’s recommended in the suppository. It means no variations in doses and methods. Also, having just the one set of suppositories shipped makes things a lot easier too rather than keeping track of different amounts in different bottles, and when to reorder.

What are the best options?

There a couple of different methods put together and available, where people have found suppliers locally (for international clients) that have each ingredient for sale and they’ve put together a list of these products, to make it easy to use by oral ingestion by placing the recommended drops of oils into a large tablespoon of raw organic honey or coconut oils. However, we are not responsible for the therapeutic grade, potency, safety and efficacy. There’s a little bit of managing the essential oil bottles as some are sensitive to light, some don’t have the oral consumption therapeutic grade, which means some need to be tested more often than others over a few months for quality and efficacy.

How are the results?

We’ve had a couple of commenters who’ve had great results while using Healthy solutions essential oils along with recommended food intake for continuous needed micronutrient support. In the book, Second Chances Dr. Hanan mentions quite a lot of certain foods for the respective micronutrients required and micronutrient lab tests, she worked with to refine the dosages of the essential oil ingredients, to find what worked best.

Questions About Products and Services of Healology

Here are some major questions you know the answers of for Healology products and services. For any additional queries, send your concerns through the contact page.

What happens when I buy through you?

When you purchase intensive workshops tickets, courses, healthy solutions essential oils or any of our Healology products and services through us you’ll automatically get all of the bonuses which are announced periodically. In return, you get added bonuses that you would not otherwise receive and that’s where the value add comes into play.

What else do you guys do?

We help you heal to health by getting to the root cause behind your dis-ease by what we call 30-minutes2health System.  The system for blasting emotions and inner conflicts behind your condition, transforming your health and life while creating positive ripple effects for your business, wealth and relationships.  We also help with clinical scientific lab testing so that you can actually see the positive results in black and white.  We offer you continued support and you become part of the family on the 30-minutes2Health membership portal so that you can have successful results easily and quickly.  We help with your pain and suffering so you actually focus on the important things that you worked so hard for.  We help you UNLEASH your best you so you gain a competitive advantage for yourself and business.

How do I get my Healology bonuses?

We get this question a lot.  Fortunately, we see every time a new customer signs up for Healology through our workshops, courses or retreats.  Once we see that we have been credited for the payment then we’ll add you to the 30-minutes2Health membership area where you can download and watch all of the bonuses that we have in store for you.

Can I promote Healology as an affiliate?

You sure can and I recommend that you sign up for a free account and once you do you’ll be able to get your affiliate link and start promoting Healology yourself.  Once you refer 3 people you basically get paid for 30-minutes2Health membership for life.  So, sign up, see what package fits you’re the help you need and start using it.  Others will want to know what you’ve done to be so healthy and thriving.

Do you have samples of the Healology systems and essential oils that you've used for your clients?

Yes, we have some client testimonials and stories but Healology is a customized system for your specific condition and special circumstances. It is one of the easiest formulas to use to capture the “story” behind your dis-ease, heals it and attains incredible health and superhuman performance. In my opinion it’s the healthcare of the future and I’ve been in the healthcare industry for more than 25 years.


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