Fueling Health and Fitness Empowerment




Here is a free workshop for all those who would like to fuel health and empower themselves for future readiness.

Change your mindset, upsize your skills and prepare for the future!

Fueling Health and Fitness Empowerment

Saturday, April 6, 2019

6:00 Pm to 9:00 Pm

MultiFit Gym

2nd level

Mohammed Bin Zayed City

Mussafah – Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates



Workshop Takeaways:

Changing to a healthy mindset: From healthcare provision towards individual health awareness and preventative healthy lifestyle (nutrition – lifestyle – physical activity)


Changing social views on education: From doctors and housewives, to young men and women who are welcomed by future job markets


Creating a culture of skills of the future: from labor markets that expect jobs’ disappearance within the next decade, to well-trained, confident and multi-specialty workforce that is ready to face the unknown


Fueling Positivity and Sustainable Approaches to Health & Happiness: from individuals crippled by fear who expect happiness to come from others, to leaders in their own lives, who understand and manage their weaknesses and use their strengths to unleash their true potential


Instilling individual responsibility and the impact an individual can have on Humanity: from nervous observers to the challenges of the century to daily contributors in finding and creating solutions (combating poverty by giving – confronting starvation with moderation – minimizing environmental disasters byreducing consumption – promoting innovation and supporting positive ideas)


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