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Absolutely Free Entrepreneur Workshop

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Entrepreneur Clinic is an innovative 360 degrees solution for business women in the UAE and globally designed to bring value to the efforts they make through their creative endeavours.

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Absolutely Free Entrepreneur Workshop

26 February, 2019

6:30 pm till 9:00 pm

Rove, Marina Dubai


 Take Aways

  1. Learn the secrets behind ongoing healthy success and how anybody can master them
  2. Get the 4 simple but proven areas that result in reliable peak performance
  3. Practice techniques on how to generate, convert and maintain what elite performers call “Getting into the zone / Flow State” so that you too can achieve your goals consistently
  4. Gain an understanding of why most of us procrastinate on the things we really want to achieve and take steps to avoid this in your business or life
  5. Understand why focusing on core strengths or strategies alone, no longer cut it in business or life and achieve a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace
  6. Discover the number 1 missing ingredient that will ensure you can materialize on all your business or life intentions this 2019
  7. Learn about the difference between power vs focus and the impact it has on creativity and innovation

FREE Admission for The 30 Minutes 2 Health Membership! 

If you want to take part please send us an email: info@drhananselim.com


About Dr Hanan Selim

Dr. Hanan Selim, CEO Healology

Dr. Hanan is The Author of Second Chances –An Uncommon Guide to rapid fat loss, incredible health and superhuman performance. She is also the founder of The Healology system that helps entrepreneurs position, perform and pioneering their way to profit. She has shared her revolutionary knowledge with the likes of Dubai Tv, Pulse 95 radio, Khaleej Times and Health magazines (local and international)

Dr. Hanan’s Clients Include Hollywood Movie Stars And Celebrity Entrepreneurs In The Public Eye.

Dr. Hanan Is….

  • An award winning author

  • Founder of The Healology Sytem

  • Creator of The RPH (Rapid Power Hacks) Method

  • Founder of The Therapeutic Flow with clinical grade essential oils

Second Chances by Dr Hanan Selim