Who Am I?

I will help you transform yourself and experience life at its best!

I’m a Visionary
I will help you look into the future and plan it best for yourself, assisting you in making use of your best potentials,  your view of yourself and your inner energies so that you are able to create a life of optimal fulfillment
I’m a Guide
I will teach and train you to sustain best health and leverage it into your finances, relationships and your career. I believe good health leads to wealth and abundance in every area of your life
I’m an innovator
I strongly believe conventional treatments, traditional medicines & behavioral conduct alone cannot prevent & reverse diseases; My RPH Program based on “Epigenetics”, will help you transform your life by using innovative healing methods.
I believe in +ve Change
I’ve helped hundreds of people understand their fitness & health goals connection with larger life goals. I believe you ahould allow yourself to live a life full of energy, brain-power and self-assurance through healology program.

I want to transform your life – Imagine you wake up at your best health, best performance, and operating at your very best !

I help people get to their “story” (root cause) of negative emotions in order to recover from the inside-out using my RPH Method Pro. I believe the core issues of most diseases are an inner conflict or negative imprint from childhood. So, I address it using scientifically proven alternative methods like medical NLP, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, and healing. I used RPH to improve my own life. Over the course of 10 months I lost 30 kilograms, maximized my energy, brain power and performance allowing me to save my marriage, finances and my life. Peak performance, energy, optimizing health and preventing disease is not a long tedious process. It’s HACKABLE!

Dr Hanan Selim

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See how I’ve help change real women’s lives for the better with positive results everytime!


My mind has been opened to limitless opportunities and focus.

Dr Hanadie

Thank you for bringing balance back into my life. finding the joy and gifts I have in my life!


Thank You for an amazing transformation for my whole family’s life.

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